Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working on New Auto Repair Site

Have been setting up mobile auto repair service for the last few days now.
It is starting to come together. has been alot of help!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Examples of Placing Companies at the Top of Google

Below is a list of google searches to show how effective geo-graphic advertising can be.

FloorGem - A flooring and Janitorial company in Maryland
Potomac md janitorial services
Greenbelt md flooring company
Elkridge md ceramic flooring
Laytonsville md hardwood floors

And the list go's on for 80 cities around Baltimore and DC

Example of work completed for a plumbing company called Golden West, look for the links with @GW:

Acres Green co plumber
Broomfield co plumber
Glendale co plumber
Evergreen co plumber

And so on for about 100 cities around the Denver area.

These ads show IMMEDIATE RESULTS, usually around 12 hours and you will see them in the top spots on Google. A second set of ads are created for permanent placement on website on a Custom Google Map so potential customers can easily find your company.

If you are interested in getting your company to the top of Google using geographic advertising, please contact me with one of the following methods:

skype: 518-632-4445 or cny.econsultant

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New DIY Plumbing site

Started work on another plumbing website called The DIY Plumber dot com.

I am using a php blog backend from b2evo.
Using this blog software will allow me to link multiple blogs into one.
What I will end up with is the sites main blog being filled with plumbing news and basic tips. A second blog dealing with Plumbing Tutorials, a Plumbing Link Blog, and a Plumbing Video Blog.

I will soon be adding a Hot Water Heater blog, a Boiler Blog, and a Sewer Blog.

I think the most time consuming aspect of this project is editing the layout to get that custom look and feel, instead of one of those out-of-the-can templates. Besides, there are no good templates for plumbing sites. They are all to generic.

My main objective with The DIY Plumber web site is to provide intelligent, useful, and simple information regarding the different areas of plumbing. And if all else fails, connect that "web-surfer" with a local plumber in their area via the Local Plumbers In web site.

Skype: cny.econsultant

Friday, April 3, 2009

Added New DIY Plumbing Sites

Been a busy day here on my kitchen table laying out three brand new diy plumbing tips web sites:

How To Unclog Toilets
How To Unclog Sinks
How To Unclog Drains

More How To DIY Plumbing Tips web sites coming soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Launched New For Plumbers Only Website

Finally finished the layout and content for .

This site is geared towards helping plumbing companies acquire new clients.
We offer services such as Web-Ads, Pay-Per-Call,and Professional Website Development.

We have had tremendous success with Web-Ads and Pay-Per-Call. We are securing an average of 100 to 130 new clients per month per plumbing company.

One of our top clients, Weltman, is extremely satisfied with our marketing campaign we launched for them. We were able to get Weltmans listed in the top 9 of 10 search results in Google for customers searching for plumbers in New Jersey. All in under 12 hours!

If you are interested in new client acquisitions, please visit us at For Plumbers Only website.


Friday, March 13, 2009