Saturday, April 4, 2009

New DIY Plumbing site

Started work on another plumbing website called The DIY Plumber dot com.

I am using a php blog backend from b2evo.
Using this blog software will allow me to link multiple blogs into one.
What I will end up with is the sites main blog being filled with plumbing news and basic tips. A second blog dealing with Plumbing Tutorials, a Plumbing Link Blog, and a Plumbing Video Blog.

I will soon be adding a Hot Water Heater blog, a Boiler Blog, and a Sewer Blog.

I think the most time consuming aspect of this project is editing the layout to get that custom look and feel, instead of one of those out-of-the-can templates. Besides, there are no good templates for plumbing sites. They are all to generic.

My main objective with The DIY Plumber web site is to provide intelligent, useful, and simple information regarding the different areas of plumbing. And if all else fails, connect that "web-surfer" with a local plumber in their area via the Local Plumbers In web site.

Skype: cny.econsultant

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